Funding Public Health Pursuits in Tanzania 

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Join me on this journey by helping me raise the money for my public health volunteer work!

My coworkers at V4Y!

This October I started my nine month journey in Tanzania by moving to Arusha where I now live and work. I live with five Tanzanians and a couple other international volunteers in the small but comfy Vision for Youth (V4Y) house and office. This local non-profit NGO works to connect with teens and young adults throughout their region to develop education programs that foster vocational and leadership skills, relationship building, and positive health practices.

After my first trip to Africa in 2011 for the Goshen College’s Study Service Term (SST) and completing my Nursing BSN in 2013, I worked for the last 2 years as a Postpartum Nurse in my Colorado hometown. My desire to travel and my healthcare interests have grown and combined as I seek to focus on women’s reproductive health and sexuality education.

Teaching at a youth camp

My current role is developing a health class curriculum at a small primary school as well as presenting reproductive health education for teens at camps and workshops conducted by V4Y. I spend my days planning presentations, carrying out lesson plans, and developing health education material that is relevant to youth in northern Tanzania.

In April, I will move to the small town of Mugumu to work with the Mugumu Safe House and Vocational School. I am honored to join their work in the movement against female genital mutilation (FGM), by providing safe refuge, education, and vocational skills for regional girls running from the harmful and unnecessary tradition of FGM.

Mugumu Safehouse during the current cutting season protest: “FGM is life imprisonment, Judge not your daughter!”

I am fortunate to have been awarded a grant from the Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship for my service abroad. But my budget extends far past that financial assistance.

I am fundraising to meet my financial needs for this delightful and challenging opportunity. I am not going through a specific volunteering agency, but have coordinated all my travel and service plans independently. The funds each of you provide will be used to cover transportation, housing, healthcare insurance, vaccinations, food, visas, and many of the unexpected costs that come with living abroad.

When I meet my goal of $7000, funds that are not used for meeting the above needs will be donated to the incredible organization I work with: Vision for Youth and the Mugumu Safe House and Vocational School.

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My hope for these nine months is to challenge and grow in my identity as a public health nurse and a global citizen while seeking helpful applications for my unique skills and interests. After returning home in June of 2017, I will continue synthesizing my experiences, skills, and hopes of being a catalyst for change by studying for a Masters of Public Health degree.

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