I am a Coloradan Mennonite, Rocky Mountain hiker, spiritual humanist, registered nurse who spends her life enjoying the company of those around me, standing in awe of the natural world, and seeking joy in the unanswerable questions of life, the universe, and everything.

I find myself here blogging because there is a lot of information crossing my path these days and I hope this online space will provide a place to reflect, synthesize, and pontificate about it all. I hope this little corner of the internet will be a space where I can log my inter-web and inter-continental wanderings and wonderings as they pertain to my experiences, my reflections, and my multimedia musings.

I hope I find myself pleasantly rambling on topics that strike me as vital or simply intriguing, and I hope to share some of my many academic pieces as well. I hope to find myself experimenting with and learning about the cherished medium of the written word. I’ve journaled for many years, and I long for a more presentable purpose driven expression. But I also love photos, videos, and almost all forms of art, so we’ll see what turns up on these pages.

Happy wondering.

— Bio —

I am a registered nurse and adventurer whose hometown and home base is Colorado. I have worked as a postpartum nurse in Colorado Springs and now Boston, after receiving my BSN from Goshen College in 2013.

When I am not up all night with newborns and their families, my adventurer persona seeks out the wilderness: taking advantage of my hometown front-row seat to the Colorado Rocky Mountains and my new New England backyard. Living at the foot of Pikes Peak since childhood has cultivated a deep appreciation for outdoor activities like hiking 14,000-foot mountains, backpacking, rock climbing, and running. My summer as a river rafting guide, a 2014 trek through the Swiss Alps, and a 2017 summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro helped stoke a passion for travel and an interest in understanding diverse cultural healthcare issues.

Growing up Mennonite in the mountain west meant being the odd one out most of the time. My faith community at Beth-El Mennonite Church in Colorado Springs cultivated a strong desire to engage in the broader Mennonite Church. And my work as a Wilderness Director, Program Director, and youth counselor for many summers at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp fueled my desire to engage with this unique and challenging faith community. Attending Goshen College, traveling to Tanzania for my Study-Service Term, and taking on church leadership upon returning to Beth-El solidified my appreciation for Anabaptists values of peacemaking, community, and a social justice focused spirituality.

My work as a nurse, my travels back to Tanzania in 2016, and my current Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship board leadership are all experiences that continue to drive me to pursue my passion for reproductive and sexual health via a Masters of Public Health at BU. My studies are equipping me with skills in community assessment, program development and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation so that I can work to address complex issues of sexual health promotion and education in a variety of contexts.

I don’t know what my future and my career look like quite yet. But I am so thankful to be surrounded by people who support the exploration of possibilities both personal and professional.


One thought on “Bio

  1. Rachel Goossen

    Thanks for writing, Indy! Thinking of you in these final hectic & exciting weeks of saying goodbyes in Colorado, anticipating life in Tanzania, and readying yourself for some true adventures. Looking forward to both your musings and your photos! –Rachel

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