On the road again…

I’m perched on the precipice of another prodigious transition.

I left Tanzania almost three months ago, and have been home in Colorado for a glorious six weeks. Now I sit soaking up some high altitude sun before setting off on a two week road trip that will land me in Boston, MA at the end of the month. This evening I’ll play tetris with all my belongings and my car; hoping everything will fit in my trusty Honda as I make my way to Iowa City,  then Goshen, IN, followed by State College, PA, before making it to the northeastern coast and my new home.

I look forward to continuing this blog. As I travel east visiting friends and enjoying the conclusion of summer I want to share some of my reflections since returning to the States. Hopefully I’ll have time to share experiences and thoughts as I return to academia as well.

Again thank you to all who have supported me, encouraged me, and listened to me as I’ve journeyed through the past year or so. I’m so grateful.

Bon voyage!

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