A sexual needle in a spiritual haystack..

I randomly decided to search “Christian sexuality education curriculums.” I Googled it and found an an extensive list of options that I absentmindedly scrolled through and clicked on a link for elementary age focused education. Maybe because I’ve had the idea of creating a comprehensive sexuality curriculum for a church context that spans all ages. The reason I felt like posting, is not particularly profound or even interesting, I just was kinda excited about what I found.

This list of resources are “updated and adapted by Advocates for Youth in 2012, and is based upon the Religious Institute’s bibliography of sexuality education curricula for faith communities.” Out of this whole list of some 39 options, the one resource that I cared enough to click on is created by my one and only Mennonite Church USA. Seeing the familiar green header of Menno Media surprised me but filled me with a pleasant pride for the religious organization I call my own. I didn’t even have to look into the subject matter of the curriculum to be happy about it. To further boost my denominational pride, I found that 6 out of the 39 links presented on the site where sourced from the Mennonite Church. Good for them.

Where I go with this I’m not sure. But I’ve felt several strong pulls from myself and the voices of fellow Mennonite church goers to pursue sex education development within faith circles. The recent discussions at my church, in my conference, in Mennonite Church USA and the U.S. as a whole on the topic of same-sex relationships, rights and inclusion have opened the door to conversations about all things sexual and spiritual. Two facets of human experience I believe we’ve done a great job misunderstanding and exploiting, and yet are so vital to understanding God’s gift of life to us.

Anywho, I’m trying to figure out my calling in all this, and I hope something useful manifests itself from my sexual/spiritual musings.

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