The luckiest days of our lives.

I have posted a story under my “Adventures” page called A Grizzly day, about a Saturday in the mountains that did not go as planned. Thankfully there was no tragedy and plenty of lessons well learned. I would encourage you to read it and let me know what you think, tell me how it makes you feel or if you have had any experiences of your own.

A friend of mine from Boulder, CO had a similarly terrible Saturday in 2011 and wrote a fascinating and inspiring account that made it onto the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group page.

“I am sharing my account of this past weekend to make sure that you know that you are not invincible. Mountaineers often talk about “peak fever,” a kitschy name for the overriding desire to make it to the summit. All hikers who love climbing mountains suffer from this to some extent- the very desire to get to the top despite the odds is what makes the experience so fulfilling.

The situation I found myself in this weekend was rare, but we face situations where we gauge risk versus reward almost every weekend we spend in the mountains, and I am pleading with you to have the courage to turn back. I know the pressure of a trip leader to fulfill group expectations of grandeur, and I know the feeling of a participant wanting not to hold back a group. Travel with people you know would accept your discomfort and acknowledge objective hazards and respect them. If someone says they are uncomfortable with a situation, listen. Realize that the people you travel with in the Mountains may be the ones who save your life.”

She is a remarkable outdoors-woman and proof that accidents happen to everyone. Please take some time to read her story, especially if you spend anytime enjoying the great outdoors like we do!

Happy reading, happy adventures, happy New Year and Safety to all!

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