Boston Bound..

I am officially attending Boston University’s School of Public Health starting this September as a candidate for their Masters of Public Health! I am stoked to get the ball rolling in the two year program of one of the top ten Schools of Public Health in the nation. I plan on pursuing their specific Health Communication and Promotion certificate with a focus on Sex, Sexuality, and Gender.

I have lofty and nebulous dreams of combining my nursing skills, experience, and career with my desire to improve health and wholeness through evidence based, inclusive, and thurough sexuality education across communities, our country, and the globe.

A lot is happening between now and starting school, but already my life in Boston is forming a mental image. The apartment search is even underway! Anyone who has a room available in Boston starting September 1st let me know!

I am seeking that balance of planning and excitement for the future while also staying in the moment and appreciating where I am now.  Excited to keep you all posted!

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