The Chalkboard Project

The work ethic, ingenuity, and can do attitude of Tanzanians is undeniable. Things here are often pole pole (slowly slowly), but when a goal is financed and the start date is set things can really hit the ground running!

Wednesday Dec. 21st we asked if we could help the Arusha Integrated School by fixing up their chalkboards. The next day we had a fundi (handyman) assess the project, quote a price, and work started on Monday.

I, Johanna, our housemate Hassan, and the Education Director Selemani (Sule) joined the fundi each day to help tear down the old chalkboards, slap on new cement, and paint the new chalkboards. In just 6 days of work there are now 9 brand new chalkboards ready to have countless lessons scrawled across them for all the students!img_20161231_121916.jpgSule and the Head Mistress have expressed endless thanks for this important gift to the students, and we will have a formal celebration on the first day of school, January 9th.

We also want to thank everyone who donated. We were able to stay remarkably within budget and are only $46.50 short of raising all of the $391.50 it took to fix this learning barrier for theses students!img_20161231_122257.jpg

We are still taking donations to cover this last chunk! Give via my fundraiser site:

Funding Public Health Pursuits in Tanzania

Write “Chalkboard Project” in the donation comment.

Thanks everyone and happy New Year!

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