Rebooting for the new year..

Welcome to 2017. Last year concluded very well. December felt like a long month of mostly holiday vacation, very little structure to my schedule, and lots for fruitful free time to spend with my thoughts, my hobbies, and my developing Arusha community.

An African Mahogany Tree standing tall about the Themi Hills of Mt Meru north of Arusha.

Christmas was delightful in Nairobi. I basked in the time with friends, the abundance of yummy food/coffee, and the actively relaxing days both cool and sunny at the Amani Garden Inn.

New Years came and went from day to night with delightful last minute plans exploring Arusha with a new friend. New Years Day provided an interesting surprise as my house filled with Violet’s friends and family to welcome 2017 with a freshly slaughtered goat, tons of food, and loud music until late that night.

This past week has been the final days before work kicks back into gear. V4Y staff are now back in the office (our livingroom) each morning at 8 am, and I will start a new year of classes at the primary school on Monday. I’m apprehensive about my lesson planning but excited to put the new chalkboards to good use.

I have so enjoyed a leisurely month. And I look forward to having more structure and purpose to my days and weeks. Though as I jump into lesson plans, teaching, work shop planning, and whatever else pops up here at V4Y, I want to hold onto the spirit I’ve experienced this holiday season.

The spirit of patience and calm anticipation. The spirit of openness. The spirit of giving. The spirit of balance. The spirit of intentionality.

I look forward to sharing more about my musings and activities as 2017 gets under way! I’d love to hear about the start to you year as well!

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